Founded in 1961 by Mitsugi Shimizu, Shimizu Seisakujo quickly established itself as the major manufacturer of paper converting machines for local tissue makers. The area around Fuji city is famous for its paper production since the begining of the Meiji period (1868-1912). Beginning as a general paper machine producer, Shimizu Seisakujo positioned itself as a leader of toilet paper rewinders and then coreless toilet paper rewinders. Diversifying and growing with business demands, tool and die service was added in the 1980’s, providing press mold shaping for major car builders. Today, Shimizu Seisakujo specializes in general industrial machining, precision milling, tool & die, and paper converting machines, serving a host of paper production companies and automobile manufacturers.

Assembly plant inside

Major Milestones
1961   Established
1970   Toilet paper rewinder
1981   Coreless toilet paper rewinder
1982   Tool and Die
2000   ISO9001